Make Poverty History 2005
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Sign Bristol's letter to the G8!

We've signed Bristol's letter to the G8. Will you?

  Name Where I live
26 Simon Greener
Bradley Stoke, Bristol
27 David Brown Bishopston, Bristol
28 Peter Hobbs  
29 Brian Hall Bristol BS9
30 Jennifer Hall Bristol BS9
31 Kinh Chong Brentry, Bristol
32 Jonathan Coote Clifton, Bristol
33 Susan Thomas Southville, Bristol
34 Lorraine Axford Bristol
35 Alex Howden Exeter, UK
36 Antony Brown  
37 Sheila Brown  
38 John Palmer Bristol
39 Dr James Bragg Westbury Park, Bristol
40 Hazel Trapnell Sneyd Park, Bristol
41 Helen Grant Clifton, Bristol
42 Rev David Alderman Westbury Park
43 Naomi Mardon Bristol

Geoff Perriman

Bishopston Bristol
45 Clare Ely Weston-super-Mare, Somerset
46 Jan Wescott St George, Bristol
47 Colin Robertson Bath
48 J. Friend Redfield, Bristol
49 Stephen Withrington Bristol
50 Ruth Moore Bishopston, Bristol

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