Make Poverty History 2005
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How you can help

There are lots of things you can do to help the campaign. Here are a few:

1. Wear a MPH white band to show your support for the campaign – available locally at Oxfam shops and Christian Aid offices.

2. Register on the national MPH web site for regular campaign updates and actions which are quick and easy to do:

YOU + email + text + phone + mail = CHANGE

3. Write to Tony Blair, your MP, your MEP. Tell them you’re supporting the MPH campaign and ask if they are doing the same.

4. Email the G8 leaders. Tell them to make 2005 the year they make poverty history. You can do this from the web sites of many of the MPH coalition organisations. They also have postcards you can send too.

5. Tell others about MPH, and encourage them to get involved.

6. Help out with an MPH event locally, or organise one yourself!

7. Join a local MPH group

8. Sign our Bristol letters to the G8

9. Add a signature to all the emails you send. You could use wording similar to this:

30,000 people still die every day from preventable poverty. Help make 2005 the year the G8 stops it.

10. And your ideas? Please tell us about them, so we can share them around.


Whatever you can do to make poverty history in 2005, thank you.